ANO CP Kibalchish protects FIFA brand during World Cup Russia 2018

Illegal ticket distribution prevention was one of the priorities for the organizers of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.
The specially adopted World Championship Act (No. 108-FZ) expressly prohibited distribution, including sale, resale and other use of tickets, if it was carried out without FIFA approval, and the Code of Administrative Offenses was sanctioned during the Championship in the form of significant fines and suspension of legal entities.

At the same time, the only legal channels for tickets offer were the official ticket centers in the host cities and the organization’s website,

Internet became the largest platform concerned with illegal ticket offer for FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.A whole set of measures , including interaction with companies monitoring the network and taking measures to remove illicit content, were taken by FIFA to find out and prevent from illicit ticket sale.

Under cooperation between ANO CP Kibalchish, FIFA, Federal Agency for information technology and communication (Roskomnadzor) and Coorditation centre of the national domain, our company regularly monitored websites activity in major domain zones aimed at consumers in Russia, and searched form illegal ticket offers in social networks, instant messengers and the largest online trading platforms. In addition, we monitored the so-called “sleeping” domains, i.e. domains that were registered, but have not been used yet for ticket sale.

All detected sites and social media groups containing illegal information were blocked. Sites located in Russian domain zones were included in the Register of information prohibited for distribution on the territory of the Russian Federation, and access to such sites was limited by Roskomnadzor.

According to the experts of ANO CP "Kibalchish", the most popular words in domain names used by fraudsters were: "FIFA", "worldcup", "Russia", "2018" and their combinations. Such names, in combination with FIFA symbols, created a false impression that the website is legitimate.

Due to preventive measures and effective law enforcement measures, the World Cup organizers managed to prevent a significant number of illegal ticket sales for tournament matches. The timely detection and suspension of illegal web-resources helped to protect interests of the fans and support FIFA high reputation as the tournament organizer.